Picture Day at Wizard School

Very Limited Edition Portrait Event in Westlake, Ohio

Sunday January 16, 2022 by appointment
Call 703-304-3779 to reserve your session


Does your child dream of being a magical wizard?

Have they been watching the 20th anniversary show about a certain

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Do they wait for their acceptance letter on their 11th birthday?

How would you like to make their greatest dreams come true?

Without needing to travel to London and find that famous platform?

Without even needing to fly to Florida and wait in long lines at an amusement park?

We can help!

In one incredibly fun portrait session, we can create just such a magical experience, with photos to prove it!

Imagine them attending a potions class with only minor explosions 'levitating' textbooks,

and searching through the great hall for those who swear they are up to no good.

 It’s better than having a sorcerer’s stone at your disposal.

  Are you ready to become the Parent of the Year?

For one day only, you can schedule your child's magical Wizard Portrait session, right here in Westlake!

For this limited edition series, we will create a potions class and great hall, and supply everything they need.

See the magic in action! https://youtu.be/Y8yMv7jaG6A

The Wizard School Portrait Experience

Picture this: Once your child arrives and is dressed in their robe, they will choose a wand that they can take home with them and it’s time for class!

Every magical moment is documented by the Headmistress whose job is to lead your child through this magical session.

Your child will get to practice charms and potion making in the wizard school classroom under the watchful eye of the Headmistress.

Once all the homework is done, there may even be time to get into some magical mischief…

Your child will get to be photographed on different enchanting wizard sets. 

All this and more magical surprises  await your child in this limited edition event!

The Most Magical Portraits in the Land… Are Right in Westlake, OH

When you purchase a Wizard School Portrait Session, you get:

    *Up to 30 minutes portrait session to experience being a wizard or witch

    *Use of our wizard robes sizes available are youth small, medium and large

    *A wand that they get to take home, plus mini gift bag for each student

    *A confirmation packet with your Wizard School acceptance letter and information.

    *Your favorite magical image from the portrait session in both print and digital formats is included

    with your session fee, with option to purchase more.

    *Immediate, on-site image viewing and selection once the session has ended

    *Additional magic added to selected images at no extra charge

    All of this… for only $97!

    This is a regular $250 package that you can get for a 60% discount. But grab it before it vanishes!
    This is a one day event and there are limited sessions available.

    You will also have the option to purchase more portraits and albums to your order once you see the pictures and any additional portraits purchased that day will be eligible for a mystical discount. 

    Each session can accommodate one extra sibling or friend . Limit 2 individuals per session time


    Call or text Katie Garlock at 703-304-3779 or email katiegarlock@gmail.com

    for additional information or to schedule this amazing portrait session.

    More Details about the Wizarding School Experience

    Location: Our magical school studio will be at Consign Home Couture, in the former Steinmart Plaza Westlake, OH.

    Additional details will be in your confirmation packet in the mail!

    Date: Sunday January 16

    By appointment only. Limited appointments available.

    We need your owl reply by January 10 to make sure you have your acceptance letter in time! If you don’t have an owl, please contact the Headmistress by muggle phone instead 703-304-3779. Don’t worry, she knows how to use one.

     Professor, I have a question...

    Can my child wear their own robes?

    Absolutely! You can bring whatever magical props you want with you and they will be used at the Headmistress’s discretion.

    If your child has any special requests, please let Katie know when you call to confirm your attendance. We want this to be fabulous!

    Can I purchase more pictures if I want them?

    Of course. Katie will let you know all your options. Magical portraits start at $57, Collections 5 or more images start at $225 and albums 10 or more images start at $397.
    Additional images and collections ordered that day receive mystical savings! Ask the Headmistress when you call to set up your session. 

    Can I bring my own phone and take pictures?

    No. This is a professional photography session and personal cameras and recording devices are not permitted.

    Can my child bring a sibling or a friend?

    Yes! Our sets  can accommodate one or two individuals, so if your child dreams of dueling with their BFF or sibling, we can make that happen!

    You can add one additional child to your session. Alas, only two people will fit on the set at one time.

    What if I’m an adult and I want to go to Wizarding School?

    Then let’s go! This isn’t just for kids. This is also a great cosplay, girlfriend day out, or date event for the magic loving adults too.

    Who says you can’t go back to school as an adult? Not us!

    We do have a limit of 2 individuals per session, due to set size limitations.

    When will I be able to select my favorite photographs?

    Immediately after the session, you will be able to select your favorite photograph and purchase any additional portraits you would like.

    Once you have your image selected, the Headmistress will send your order to the secret professional laboratory where they will get busy adding

    the extra magic to the portrait muggles call this Photoshop and you will have your finished portrait within two weeks!

    I have more questions. What should I do?
    Call Headmistress Photobliss aka Katie Garlock. She can be reached at 703-304-3779.
    However, be sure to call quickly, because there are very limited sessions available for this one day event and they will disappear quickly.